I UK [hiːt] / US [hɪt] noun
Word forms "heat":
singular heat plural heats
1) [singular/uncountable] the quality of being hot, or the degree to which something is hot

These paints can withstand heat up to 200 degrees.

The firefighters were driven back by the intense heat and smoke.

heat of:

He could feel the heat of the sun on his back.

a) [only before noun] relating to heat

insulation to prevent heat loss

the heat haze shimmering over the sands

b) the heat very hot weather

They were unable to work in the blistering heat.

The local people get out of the city to escape the summer heat.

the heat of the day (= the hottest part of the day):

Only tourists were wandering about in the heat of the day.

c) the heat the amount of heat produced by an oven or a heating system

Bring the mixture to the boil; then reduce the heat.

turn the heat up/down/on/off:

I turned the heat down a little.

d) the heat the place where the heat in an oven or on a hob comes from

Take the pan off the heat.

2) [uncountable] physics the energy that is produced when the temperature of something changes

These chemical processes generate a lot of heat.

3) [uncountable] the heating system in a building

The cottage had no heat or water.

4) [uncountable] strong and angry feelings

He felt the heat of my glare.

take the heat out of something:

Professional counselling is one way of taking the heat out of getting a divorce.

5) [countable] a game or race at the start of a competition. The winners of the heats then compete against each other at the next stage

the second heat of the 800 metres

6) the heat
informal pressure and criticism intended to force someone to do what you want

Many producers are beginning to feel the heat from their larger customers.

put/keep the heat on (someone):

We need to keep the heat on.

if you can't stand/take the heat (get out of the kitchen) — used for telling someone that they should not do something if they cannot deal with the difficult or unpleasant aspects of it

in/during the heat of something — at the busiest time, or during the most difficult part of something

In the heat of the debate, she forgot to be nervous.

II UK [hiːt] / US [hɪt] verb
Word forms "heat":
present tense I/you/we/they heat he/she/it heats present participle heating past tense heated past participle heated
a) heat or heat up
[transitive] to make something hot

Heat the oil gently in a large frying pan.

b) [intransitive] to become hot

Is the soup heating?

Phrasal verbs:

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